Nosehills Gun Club

Range Etiquette

A printable version of the Range Rules and Range Etiquette is available here.

  1. Follow all Range Rules at all times.
  2. There is a lease road running up the right side of the range, please keep an eye on this road, and cease firing if any oilfield traffic is using this road.
  3. Please check the webpage for upcoming events before coming, to ensure you are aware of any events you may have to work around.
  4. During scheduled or corporate shoots, all other shooting will conform to the timeline of the scheduled shoots.
  5. During shotgun range times, Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, rifle and handgun shooters must set targets etc during breaks between squads.
  6. Use courtesy when sharing the range with others to ensure everyone can enjoy the type of shooting they are there for.
  7. Please take down all paper targets when you are done shooting. Do not leave them up for the next guy, even if they are unused, as the wind tears them off and blows them into the neighbors field. Also take down any abandoned targets when removing your own.
  8. If you change the color of the gongs, please paint them back as you found them before leaving. Gongs are generally left black.
  9. If you are using reactive targets, (plastic bottles filled with water etc.), please pick up all garbage after done.

Upcoming Events

Please watch here for workbee's, corporate shoots, area gun shows, advertised shoots etc.


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