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****New Members must show up the range for a short orientation before they can purchase their membership.

****Renewals can be purchased at the range or by EMT. Send EMT Renewals to renewals@nhgc.biz, be sure to include your name, address and email address in the comments section on the EMT. (not all emt's show me your email address so dont forget it if you want a picture of the card emailed back) Note if you renew by EMT you will not receive and physical membership card, you will get a picture of one emailed to you.

Memberships are available on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons at the club.

Annual and Student Memberships are valid till December 31, regardless of purchase date.

Serving Law Enforcement Officers are not allowed to use the range as either members or guests. This decision was made in 1995 in light of the passing of Bill C-68. The original letter can be found here. While the long gun registry has been repealed, bill C-68 has not.

Upon Retirement, or changing occupations, ex-LEO's are welcome to come and join us.

Membership includes NFA Insurance.

Membership includes eligibility for a discount on Firearm Legal Defence Insurance. For details please go here.

For more information on membership please contact our Secretary, Doug Lee. Home # 403 577-2538, Cell # 403 575-0905, email: douglee@netago.ca.
Membership prices:
Annual Membership: $75.00/year
Student Membership: $15.00/year
Life Membership: $850
Life Family Membership: $1200
Members can bring guests.
Guests must pay a $3 insurance fee and sign into the guest book.
Members are responsible for their guests.
Guests must be eligible for full membership.
Membership rules:
There shall be Five classes of Membership.

An ANNUAL Member, having paid the current annual dues and being otherwise in good standing, shall have access to all facilities of the Club for which he is qualified, may hold office on the Club Executive, and shall have one vote in the proceedings of the Club.

A Student Member shall be any member, still in Grade school, having paid the current student dues, and being otherwise in good standing, shall be permitted access to all facilities of the Club for which he is qualified, but may not hold office and shall have no vote in the proceedings of the Club.

A LIFE Member, having paid the life member dues, shall enjoy the same privileges as an Annual Member for life. Life Members shall be required to pay any assessments levied from time-to-time by the Club to remain in good standing.

A Family Life Membership entitles one Family Member to rights and privileges of a Life Member, their spouse to the rights and privileges of a Honorary Member, and any children who would qualify for Student Membership, access to the rights and privileges of a Student Membership. Family Life Membership dues must have been paid in full.

Having accepted their nomination, an HONORARY Member shall be any person who, for one reason or another has been proposed and elected as an Honorary Member at the Club's Annual General Meeting. Honorary Members shall have access to all Club facilities for which they are qualified, but shall pay no dues, may not hold office, and have no vote in the proceedings of the Club.

Any member wishing to withdraw from membership may do so upon notice in writing to the Board through its Secretary. If any member is in arrears for fees or assessments for any year, such member shall be automatically suspended at the expiration of thirty days from the end of such year or notice of assessment, and shall thereafter be entitled to no membership privileges or powers in the Club until reinstated. Any member, upon a two-thirds vote of the Board of the Club, may be expelled from membership for any cause which the Board may deem reasonable, with no refund of monies paid. Such member will, however, be provided an opportunity to present a defense to the Board before any such action is taken. Should the member fail to present such defense, he shall be deemed to have resigned.

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