Nosehills Gun Club

Shotgun Range

The range includes the following features for shotgun shooters. The shotgun ranges are open on Wednesday evenings, and Sunday afternoon/evenings. Shooting continues year round, and there are lights on the trap house for night shooting.

All clay target shooting is generally limited to #7 1/2, #8, or #9 shot sizes. If you wish to use a different shot size, please notify us before shooting in case there are any safety issues, or concerns for our equipment. Our trap thrower's are protected from small shot sizes, but larger shot may penetrate and damage them. By informing us we can ensure all target presentation's you use non standard ammunition on will not lead to damage to people or property. This apply's to clay targets only, and not usage on the rifle range.

All shotgun sports cost the same to shoot, and prices are on the price list.

Upcoming Events

Please watch here for workbee's, corporate shoots, area gun shows, advertised shoots etc.


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