Nosehills Gun Club

Club House

The Club House is a comfortable location to kick back after a day of shooting, take a breather, or come in out of the cold during the winter months.

***The range is under video surveillance***

Further Amenities include:
  • Hot and cold running water. The water is trucked in, so please use conservatively.
  • A wood stove which does nicely whether it is knocking the chill off a cool summers eve, or fighting back old man winter.
  • Wireless internet provided free by Netago.
  • Ample seating
  • Covered Deck
  • Folding tables available for meetings etc.
  • BBQ for cooking
  • Washrooms consist of an outhouse to the South of the clubhouse.

Upcoming Events

Please watch here for workbee's, corporate shoots, area gun shows, advertised shoots etc.


Mailing List

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Contact Us
Phone # 780 209-1627
email: president@nhgc.biz