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Range Rules

A printable version of the Range Rules and Range Etiquette is available here.

Range rules are intended for the safety of all persons in the range facility and for its smooth operation for the enjoyment of all. With this in mind, all persons within the facility should understand that it is in their best interest to adhere closely to these rules and the safety rules. All persons are responsible for knowing and enforcing these regulations.

  1. Before proceeding down range, ensure ALL ranges are clear. This means check the Skeet, Pistol, Rifle and Trap/5 Stand firing ranges, and ensure all are clear and safe.
  2. Before opening the range to live fire, ensure ALL ranges are aware, and clear for firing.
  3. All firearms brought into the facility must be unloaded with actions open and shall remain so until on the firing line at a shooting point.
  4. All firearms should be unloaded and cased or action open before leaving the range containment area. Handguns shall be unloaded and cased or holstered prior to leaving the shooting point of the firing line.
  5. Firearms shall be handled only on the firing points or within the confines of a designated safety area
  6. No firearms shall be carried to or from the firing line, nor handled on the firing line at any time there is someone down range, unless they are cased, and remain cased until the range is live.
  7. No shooter shall ever have more then one long gun loaded at a time. No shooter shall have more then 2 handguns loaded at one time time. If using two handguns they must be holstered or in the shooters hands at all times. All additional firearms must be unloaded and either cased or actions open.
  8. No shooting while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  9. Unqualified guests must be accompanied at all times by a qualified member. This member shall act as coach when the guest is using the range. Members shall assume total responsibility for their guests' actions while in the facility.
  10. Minor children and pets shall be at all times under control of a responsible adult.
  11. All steel targets inside of 100 yards are handgun only. (This means the duelling tree, falling plates, swingers, etc.)
  12. Any person observed firing at anything other than authorized targets shall be summarily ejected from the facility and may be reported to the board for appropriate action. Only targets authorized from time to time by the duty range officer may be fired upon.
  13. The range officer on duty is in direct and complete charge of the range at all times when firing is being conducted. The range officer will remove from the range any person handling a firearm in an unsafe or careless manner. He will also suspend that person's membership card until that person can demonstrate proper safety techniques in firearms handling. The range officer has the authority to inspect any firearm or ammunition and will ban their use if, in his sole judgment they are unsafe or not in good working order.

    **note that any person who subjects the range officer to any harassment whatsoever, physical or verbal, shall be ejected from the facility forthwith and shall be subject to such disciplinary action of the board as they see fit at their sole discretion to enforce.

  14. Members are asked to ensure that the red danger flag is hoisted at all times the range is in use. Ensure you know the location of the fire extinguishers, and take note of potential fire hazards. This last is especially important in times of high fire hazard when fields are dry.
  15. No person shall advance forward of the firing line without consent of the duty range officer.
  16. Unless cased or on the firing line, all fixed breech rifles and shotguns shall be slung or carried muzzle up, action open. All break actions shall be carried muzzle down, action open.
  17. Hearing and eye protection is strongly recommended for all persons in the containment area of the range.
  18. Firearms permitted on the outdoor range shall be unlimited as to caliber but only factory or hand loaded sporting or "hardball" ammunition is permitted. Absolutely no metal-piercing, tracer, incendiary or explosive ammunition shall be allowed on club property, without the explicit permission of a board member.
  19. Any infractions regarding the safe handling of any equipment or vehicle on club property shall be brought immediately to the attention of the duty range officer.
  20. Unsafe conduct or conduct unbecoming to the established atmosphere of the facility could be cause for suspension of range privileges at the sole discretion of the board.

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