Nosehills Gun Club

Hours of Operation

The rifle and pistol ranges are open to members 7 days a week, all day.

Shotgun ranges are open Wednesday evenings from approx. 5:00pm, and Sunday afternoons/evenings from approx. 3:00pm.

Note that we will be trying to plan range work for Thursdays, except for our annual spring work bee.

We will try to provide as much notice as possible of these Thursday work bee's on the google calendar and right side of the web page. So if you are planning a range trip please check the website or call one of the executive. Of course we always welcome more help if we are having a maintenance day. Scheduled shoots take priority on the range. Please keep an eye on the upcoming events. Regular shooting can take place during scheduled shoots, but it cannot disrupt the scheduled shoot, and will have to work around the scheduled shoots cease fires, target setting etc.

Upcoming Events

Please watch here for workbee's, corporate shoots, area gun shows, advertised shoots etc.


Mailing List

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Contact Us
Phone # 780 209-1627
email: president@nhgc.biz