Nosehills Gun Club

Handgun and Rimfire Range

The range includes the following features for handgun and rimfire shooters. (Note: All distances are approximate.)
  • Dueling Tree at 25 meters
  • Falling Plates at 25 meters
  • Moving Target at 50 meters
  • IHMSA silhouette targets.
    • Chickens at 50 meters
    • Pigs at 100 meters
    • Turkeys at 150 meters
    • Rams at 200 meters
  • Field Pistol Silhouettes
  • Rimfire Rifle Silhouettes
  • All targets for the Rifle shooters can be used by handgun shooters.
We are not set up specifically for IPSC or SASS, however the dueling tree, falling plates and assorted gongs can be used to good effect for practice.

Upcoming Events

Please watch here for workbee's, corporate shoots, area gun shows, advertised shoots etc.


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