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1995 Law Enforcement Letter

Original letter available here. A transcript can be read below.

To whom it may concern:

We, the executive board and members of the Nosehills Gun Club, regret to inform you, that because of the federal governments passage of Bill C-68, and it's imminent imposition into law, law enforcement officers are no longer welcome to become members of our club, or to visit the club as guests of members.

The club did not make this decision lightly, as we have had a good relationship with local law enforcement agencies. However, your job is to enforce the law, and we believe that C-68 is such a a bad law, that we cannot allow law officers the privileges of club membership any longer.

This motion was made and passed, at both our November 29 executive board meeting, and at our December 13 general meeting.

Should this law be repealed at some future time, we would again welcome law enforcement personnel as members and guest of our club.

Consort RCMP
Coronation RCMP
Provost RCMP
Coronation Fish and Wildlife
Provost Fish and Wildlife
Oyen Fish and Wildlife
Responsible Firearms Owners of Alberta
National Firearms Association
Jack Ramsay M.P. for Crowfoot

Regretfully Yours,

Douglas Lee
Secretary/Treasurer for the Board, NHGC

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